Death Zone Players
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Death Zone Players
Welcome to Death Zone Players. Log-in or make an account in order to be able to find out more information about us! Thank you.

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  • When playing a CW the leaders Yeoldegod or Arctic are in charge. If there is no leader online the most senior member will take charge and everyone should know who's leading the cw before it starts. This person will decide maps,tactics and if needed will tell people where they need to be. This means that no one else needs to be telling people what they need to do in TS. Each player is in dZp because they have the knowledge of what they need to do to win and shouting at them and disturbing them only serves for the other team as the confusion will no doubt 90% of the time lead to them getting killed. The leader of the CW can request any SS and record needed by the team to save fights in public chat. Please remember highest ranking player will lead and may ask for advice but please do NOT go over their decision.
  • We are a mature gaming community and have a name to maintain and a good reputation, the abuse that we have been shown in SS that has been said to the team we are against are not a reflection of this at all and WILL stop. A person that has to resort to abuse to get their message or argument across has already lost. We are all capable of being a mature team and talking to others with respect (though they may not deserve it) but if you can not be respectful to the person then be respectful to their clan, if you can't do that be respectful to the what |dZp| stands for in its morale's. Abusive behavior is not something that will be tolerated any more and if you can not be civil to the teams they will simply decide next time that they will not play against us. So if you can not be nice then be quiet, it is that simple.
  • Spamming binds during a CW is very off putting. We glance across at the text in case a member is typing game info that could aid us. Again looking at some ss we have been passed, we are as guilty as the other clans of this and we would please ask that you do not spam binds. We know that the odd laugh with a bind with the other team is a good thing for establishing a good friendship with others and other clans but remember you may be disturbing people. We are aware that if dead the living can not see the text but when the spam continues into the next round like it has been this is not acceptable.
  • Mixers: Only APPLYING players of dZp can play cws with us so we do not expect to have any other person in a CW with us and wearing our tag. They definitely have no right to come to our TS rooms and demand or ask for an IP when they are not a member and not even on trial. They are welcome to come see us in our servers and private IPs when we train and play but no more mixers in our CW teams unless they actually have an active application where we will need to see them play.
  • Teamspeak in a clan war is a valuable tool as I am sure you would all agree but at times the noise that people are making in the TS server room is enough to drown out all sound from the game. All of us know the position names so that is all that needs to be said when you die to let others know where the enemys are. It is very off putting when you have people telling you constant locations when you have a good headset and can hear yourself if given the chance. General chat should be done in teamchat so that players can hear what is going on. This will help us improve in our team play if we listen and allow others to listen too!! Having 3 people shouting left, right and such and sometimes different locations is unfair to the person alive.
  • Again in TS we should be supporting each other and building each others confidence as a player. A player with no confidence will not play as well so be kind to each other. None of us are noobs or crap players but like I will admit, sometimes a player has a bad day and building that players confidence can do a lot.
  • Respect other members!! This really goes without saying but again we have to. All players should be respected no matter what their rank is in the clan but, we will be honest with you, sometimes we feel that we are not listened to our respected within the clan. As a person and mainly as a leader, we don't say this to make everyone say "Oh yeolde we respect you". What we want is for any one who can not give me respect to come and tell us the reason privately. By not listening to the rules that were set out by our founders and now the leaders (Arctic and Yeoldegod) you show us and yourself a great disrespect.
  • All players should take screenshots and make a demo for all CWs and if asked, provide them. There are no excuses for not providing and other clans are now posting people not providing all over social websites. There is no excuse for not providing if you have said you will during the CW.